(Mycotoo Project) Situated in Northeast El Paso at the site of a historic baseball stadium, and as part of a larger city enhancement program, Cohen Entertainment District will feature a water park, restaurants, shops, hotel, and an outdoor space for concerts and events.

As brand designer for the project, working alongside the entertainment development company Mycotoo, SWA Architects, and HLB Lighting I created the brand identity, district-wide wayfinding system, environmental design, and placemaking elements.


Venue naming
Brand ideation
Environmental placemaking
Wayfinding design
Logo identity
Capital investment presentation design
Venue waterpark ideation
Architecture ideation

Logo Identity Background

With an average of 302 days of sunshine a year it’s no wonder El Paso is nicknamed "The Sun City". And with plans to develop a 48 acre retail, entertainment and recreation destination on the site of the historic Cohen baseball stadium, the strategic foundation wasn't far out of my grasp for its identity.

The concentric rings represent not only the sun, but the central dot is also evoking a sense of center. The Cohen Entertainment District will represent a central hub of vibrant activity and leisure to all the surrounding regions of El Paso.

Graphic Motif and Color Palette

The sun motif, core to the logo identity became a valuable graphic element, by extension to serve to support the overall brand identity of Cohen Entertainment District.

I chose a color palette, both contemporary and unique, but also connected the graphic brand identity to the natural desert floor and sky that surrounded the destination.

Area Wayfinding Design

I provided creative consultation on the anticipated architectural design aesthetic for the many buildings within the district. Aggressive contemporary lines would embody the structures, but notable effort would be given to distressed and natural materials, like rusted steel, cut stone and wood.

I decided that the wayfinding design needed to provide a clean and simple solution, and also be a vehicle to further extend the branded sun motif.

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