Universal Pictures – Brand Identity Refinement

Universal Pictures required an overall assessment and simplification of its brand identity. I had the privilege of working directly with leadership, so the response vs execution was fluid. 

I began by redesigning the corporate logo for better balance and clarity at small sizes, redrawing each of the letterforms from scratch. I also advised in phasing out outdated variants and to pare down to a core suite of logos for clearer, more uniform brand recognition. I created special use logo designs in 3D and rendered media, created a uniform color palette and redesigned all of their respective division identities. 

Finally, I designed and wrote their new brand identity guidelines as well as assisted in the implementation of all brand assets onto their web portal.


Logo design  /  Brand divisions identity  /  Logo system platform  /  Corporate business system design  /  Brand presentation designs  /  Interactive brand identity guidelines  /  Brand asset online database  /  Electronic newsletters  /  Copywriting consultation  /  Identity rollout announcement

Among the many enhancements are a freshly refined Universal logo with redrawn letterforms and simplified continent details, as well as the creation of a series of special use rendered logos.

 Following this effort, I unified the design of the following sub-brand identities:

• Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

• Universal Filmed Entertainment Group 

• Universal 1440 Entertainment

• Universal All-Access

• Universal Brand Development​​​​​​​

This required rebuilding each letterform for typographic continuity and clarity.

Also updated were both a comprehensive Brand Guidelines as well as an at-a-glance quick reference logo guidelines that further strengthen and unified the Universal brand. Both feature convenient links to direct-download brand content along with a new personalized e-signature design. In full, these guidelines are a comprehensive source to ensure consistent usage throughout the company and across all media.

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