City of El Paso

(Mycotoo Project) As part of a citywide initiative that Mycotoo was engaged to develop that included 5 new themed waterparks and a new entertainment district, I lead the design of El Paso's, 8-region ADA compliant wayfinding system, and new brand identity for the city.

Along with the Mycotoo CEO, I presented all of the graphic/environmental designs to the El Paso City Council in city chambers.


El Paso logo identity design
Fonts and color system
Graphic pattern design
ADA compliant wayfinding system

Evoking El Paso as a brand

El Paso embodies diverse visual cues. From its natural environment, architecture, traditional and contemporary design elements, unique color, and the culture of its people, it shines with its own unique visual flare.

On the canvas of its natural environment is the star, embodying the heart of all that the people have created. We see this as an interrelationship in harmony: The land, and its people.

Graphic Pattern Based on Papel Picado

8 Region Wayfinding Color System

Regional Sign Type Variants

Signage aesthetic detailing, lighting and dimensionality

Traversed outer region to inner neighborhood sign types

Regional Sign Color Variants

Environmental sample

Using Format